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Unfortunately, bringing your home into the future looks nothing like a Jetsons episode. You won't be served by a robot butler, and you certainly wont commute in a brief case space ship. But you might be able to make your life just a little easier and your additions may include nifty science fiction-esque technology.

With 2020 coming up fast the future feels like it is truly here. So how can you keep up with the times and transition your home from 70's retro pad to high tech haven?

Design sustainably

YourHome data shows that 40 per cent of the average Australian home's energy use goes to heating and cooling. Passive design is one way to minimise this bill while making your home a more comfortable and livable place to be.

Smart homes have incredibly useful functionalities. Smart homes have incredibly useful functionalities.

This design principle seeks to utilise the cooling and heating effects of the sun and the wind by designing your home in a way that retains and loses heat when appropriate. This is best implemented while building your home but small improvements can be made by current home owners.

This could be as simple as installing one extra window to make the most of the morning sun or adding insulation in order to better retain heat. While you may need help refinancing your home loan to update your homes design doing so could save you money in the long run.

Make your home smart

Lock or unlock your doors remotely, run a bath on the drive home, or even automatically brew yourself a coffee.

Smart homes have been around for a while but they're only just coming into their own. Making your home smart will involve installing a network system alongside your homes usual electric wiring, with which you can connect to your homes many appliances and fixtures remotely.

This could allow you to use your smart phone to lock or unlock your doors remotely, run a bath on the drive home, or even automatically brew yourself a coffee every morning. The Jetsons would be jealous.

Update your kitchen appliances

The aforementioned coffee machine is just the beginning. Popular appliances and kitchen additions of the minute include induction hobs and smart fridges. Induction hobs become hot only when the right pan is on them, heat up almost instantly and waste very little energy.

Smart fridges on the other hand will impress – some models allow you to control temperatures or monitor power usage via your mobile phone or even get a notification if the door's been left open! Ideal for families with forgetful and hungry kids.

If you need a helping hand financing your leap into the future Advantage Finance can tailor a range of lending solutions to your specific needs.

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